Finding the Best Vacuum Cleaner for a Small Home

A vacuum cleaner is a necessity for every type of home, large or small. It’s especially useful when you have small children or pets who may cause more than their fair share of mess in the home. But many smaller homes, such as condos or apartments have little room for storage. Often a vacuum cleaner must be stored in the hall closet, along with coats and boots. New homes are not built with utility or pantry closets anymore.

Here are a few tips for how to choose the best vacuum cleaner for a smaller home.

  1. Most vacuum cleaner manufacturers offer a wide range of sizes and types of cleaners. The days are gone when a vacuum had to be big and bulky. The technology has also improved, so don’t be afraid to buy a smaller version of your favorite brand. They are still highly efficient at sucking up all types of debris.
  2. You’ll want to choose whether to purchase a stick style of vacuum cleaner, or a canister style of vacuum cleaner. Keep in mind that a stick vacuum is a lot easier to store in a closet. It can even be hung up on a hanger, saving floor space.
  3. If you have a pet, particularly a cat, a pet hair attachment is a must. These are usually motorized, and can be attached to the tube. Most smaller vacuums have one, but be sure to read the contents to avoid disappointment. A pet hair attachment will effectively suck up even the stubbornest of fur that has been embedded in the upholstery of chair or couch.
  4. Check for a swivel power head/motorized brush. This will enable you to more easily push the vacuum cleaner under furniture and the corners of a room. Often small homes have a lot of furniture crammed into a smaller space. A more flexible vacuum will avoid having to push and move furniture around the room just for your weekly vacuum.
  5. Buy a vacuum cleaner that has a detachable hose. This type allows the attachment of a variety of different tools, such as crevice tool, or brush. It increases the cleaning power of your vacuum, rather than a stick style of vacuum cleaner that only vacuums the floor.
  6. Look for a vacuum cleaner that has adjustable floor options. Most homes have a combination of hardwood floors, tiles, carpet, and rugs. You’ll want to purchase a vacuum cleaner that can clean both effectively. There are even some motorized power heads that can be adjusted for carpet height.
  7. Choose a dust cup rather than a vacuum that takes bags. Not only will you save money by not having to purchase vacuum cleaner bags, but you will not be putting additional waste into the landfills.

Shark-Navigator-NV352-portableThere are many great vacuum cleaners on the market today. You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars to find a great one for your smaller home. Most new vacuum cleaners are designed to be extremely powerful, and highly effective at cleaning the smaller home.

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