The Uncomfortable Comfort Zone

The expression, comfort zone got really popular in recent years, especially in relation with leaving it. It is because some of the people are so attached to their comfort zone that they just can’t let it go, which means, that they do the same routine each day, never breaking out, never challenging themselves. And not even their daily routine is hard. They wake up, go to work school, and then go back home, eat something and just spend the rest of the day with resting…

Rest at home

I am not that kind of person. I usually challenge myself each day, by adding so many things to my to-do-list, that for ordinary people it seems impossible to finish it within a day, for some even within a week. However, in my opinion, you have time for that, what you want to have time for, and I try to challenge myself every day. But I am not a super-woman, which means that, although I can accomplish a lot in a day, when I wake up at 6 in the morning and go to sleep at 0:30 am for the 4th time in the week, I do get exhausted. Today was a day like that, I was really tired of everything, I had a terrible dream, I could barely get out of my bed and I just wanted to skip everything from today. So I did so. I thought that if there are people, who can live their whole life in their comfort zone and be completely happy, I can get one day as well, which is not the weekend. The first few hours were really refreshing, I felt that I have finally time to rest; I did not think about any of my responsibilities, just watched a movie and cuddled with my significant other. I ate lunch, and then took a nap and half of the day was gone. After the nap, I started to feel really uncomfortable. I not only didn’t know what to do with my free time, if not working on something, but I started to feel compunction. I took a bath, checked all my long-time-ago-forgotten acquaintances on Facebook, and then I reached the peak. I just had to do something! I literally felt bad, I was dizzy and still tired, not refreshed at all. That’s how I realized that if you reach the end of your comfort zone and step out of it, there is no coming back. When you get used to challenging yourself every day and do a bunch of things, sitting in front of the TV all day won’t feel that comforting anymore. So if you are considering the possibility of leaving your comfort zone, I hardly recommend it to you, but keep in mind that there is no coming back, your comfort zone will become an uncomfortable place to be at!

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