The Small Challenges of Life – Finding the best Domain Name

Choosing a domain name for your website is almost as hard as naming your baby nowadays, if not harder. At least, more than one child can have the same name! Imagine if  that wasn’t the case and you would walk into a kindergarten only to find children named Charlotte1998 or some other unique identifier. It would be quite terrifying in my opinion.

So why is this analogy? Because having your own blog or any other website is a bit similar to having a child, okay not really… but it is your own little project that you care for and nurture over months or years. You show it off in front of other people, you want it to perform well and to resemble you and your values.

domain name searchWhen I started out with my blog I was struggling to find the right domain name. I wanted it to be personal, but also not too personal. While Jerry Kerry is kind of a unique name, it also makes people think of a cartoon character first. That is why many of my friends call me J.K. as well. This poses another problem, though. I don’t know if you heard about J.K. Rowling?! Well, many people have and made a million fan websites about her, so I had to take that into account as well.

After looking up what seemed like a thousand variations of a name, I have almost given up on the whole idea. That is when I came across Domain Typer, which is probably the best thing that has ever happened to the blogger community! At least for those who are just starting out. So the way this website helps you in your domain name search is rather clever. You can type in the name that you have thought about and it shows you whether it is free. If it is not free as a .com domain, it can still be free as a .org or any other extension and these are all shown on Domain Typer.

If it is free, then your domain name search has basically come to an end and it helps you in the purchase as well. It compares the prices of the domain on different websites. This way you can find the best domain deal and just click and purchase it through the website. It basically does all the work for you, isn’t that amazing? It is!

But what if your domain name is not free and you are not interested in any other extension, but .com? There is still no need to lose hope and give up on all your dreams. Domain Typer will display alternatives of the name that are still free, so that you don’t have to spend ages trying to come up with a slightly different name that is still the same. It basically does the thinking for you as well, which is great as you wouldn’t want to be stuck at the first step of the creation of your website – believe me, you’ll need that time back when you are choosing a website template! But that is for another day’s post.