Find the Best Baby Monitor

Awaiting the birth of a child is an exciting time, so when my family was expecting, we planned everything, down to the baby monitor. While our house is not large, it was our first baby, so we were worried that everything would go well. When I was in another room, I wanted to ensure that baby was doing fine in her own room. It’s simply not possible to carry baby around while doing some chores, so a baby monitor was the best choice. When I initially started searching online on Baby Monitor Ninja, I was surprised to discover that there are actually dozens of choices.

The first decision I had to make was what type of baby monitor to purchase. Apparently there are strictly audio baby monitors, so when baby cries, you can hear them on your monitoring unit. There are also monitors that work through audio and video. When baby makes a sound or movement, the monitor will alert you. You can press a button, and actually see baby on screen. These monitors come in a variety of different screen resolutions. There are even inexpensive black and white baby monitors.

infant optics baby monitor

Some of these baby monitors work through your smart phone. You can install a smart phone app, and log in to check on baby in her room. There are even monitors that will record video of your baby sleeping or playing. Some of these also work through your smart phone app, and they store the footage in the cloud. There were definitely pros and cons to using each type of monitor. I know the audio monitors can get staticky at times, and it may be difficult to hear baby in the room. On the other hand, quiet noises aren’t of great concern. It’s when baby is full on wailing that you need to rush in to check. I really liked the idea of having a full color screen to check on baby. I want to find the best baby monitor, but I don’t want a huge clunky monitoring unit to carry around. So, some quality would have to be compromised by choosing a smaller screen.

The next step was to choose whether to save the video footage or not. In the end I decided not to. Even though baby is quite young, I felt it was a violation of my child’s privacy. I would certainly feel uncomfortable being monitored and knowing that the footage was being stored somewhere. Being monitored live is something else entirely. Of course we’ll take video of our child, but we’ll be present in the room when that happens. Some people use baby monitors as nanny monitors as well. I’m all for checking in on them, but don’t feel the need to video record them. Price was also a concern for me. The baby monitor would likely only be used for the first two or three years of baby’s life. Did I want to spend $500 on one, or $100? In the end, we found the best baby monitor for our child’s room.